Advocating for your hearing health- the role of metro hearing in public policy

Metro Hearing, a leading audiology clinic, is at the forefront of advocating for the hearing health of individuals across the providing top-notch audiology services, the clinic is actively involved in shaping public policy to with hearing loss receive the best possible care. Hearing loss is a prevalent issue millions of overlooked?  Despite these numbers, hearing health is a health issue, and public policy to address hearing loss. That is where Metro Hearing comes in. The clinic recognizes the importance of addressing hearing health on a national level, and actively works to shape public policy in access to care and resources. One of Metro Hearing’s most significant contributions to hearing health advocacy is its involvement in the Hearing Aid Tax Credit. The Hearing Aid Tax Credit is a proposed tax credit for individuals who purchase hearing aids tax credit hearing aids for individuals with hearing struggle to afford the high cost of hearing aids.

Metro Hearing is a strong supporter of the Hearing Aid According to the National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders, approximately 15% of adults 2-3 every 1,000 children are impaired. Tax Credit, advocating for its inclusion in various pieces of legislation. The clinic has worked closely with policymakers, providing research and data to demonstrate the need for the tax credit. Thanks in part to Metro Hearing Scottsdale efforts; the Hearing Aid Tax Credit has been included in several pieces of legislation, including the Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act of 2021.In addition to its work on the Hearing Aid Tax Credit, Metro Hearing is also involved in advocating for improved access to hearing healthcare services.

Metro Hearing’s efforts to shape public policy are not limited to the federal level. The clinic is also involved in advocacy and the local level. For example, in 2022, Metro Hearing worked with the city of Seattle to ensure that public events were accessible to individuals with hearing loss. The clinic provided input on the use of hearing loop technology, which improves sound quality for individuals with hearing aids or cochlear implants. Thanks to Metro Hearing’s efforts, individuals with hearing loss were able to fully participate in public events, which is a significant step towards greater inclusion and accessibility. Metro Hearing’s advocacy efforts go beyond shaping public policy. The clinic is also actively involved in raising awareness about hearing health and the importance of hearing protection. The clinic regularly hosts community events, providing education and resources on hearing health. In addition, Metro Hearing partners with local organizations to promote hearing health initiatives, such as hearing screenings and hearing protection programs.

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