The Ultimate Power: Education

The Ultimate Power: Education

Education is a method of obtaining and offering knowledge, skill, and moral values. Acquiring knowledge is not enough for a person until he practically uses it in his life. It helps to augment the critical thinking of a person. Students are taught about the significance of education since childhood. But education is often kept on a lofty position which sometimes deteriorates the value indoor and outdoor games or any activity for that matter.

Power of being educated

Education can basically help one do anything and everything. It makes one feel vigorous. It shapes the personality of an individual. It also helps one make rational decisions and take a stand for oneself.  A student in his late teens doing internships and jobs makes him feel independent and proud. A tinge of enthusiasm and motivation runs all over his mind. An educated woman does not feel reliant on anyone as she can sustain herself and her family.

The growth and development of people is directly related to the growth of the country they live in. Educated individuals know about their rights and can stand up against social conflicts with veracity. An educated person helps in the decline of social constructs and stereotypes like racism, sexism, gender inequality etc. which gradually helps in the growth of a country. People henceforth become more aware about outdated concepts like beauty standards which we are made to believe since a very young age. Educated people influence the ones around them.


Education does not include textbook knowledge

Education is not specified to attain the knowledge of books. Everything that you come across in practical life, can be considered as a constituent part of your knowledge. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • Learning to cook food not only helps you support yourself but also also increases your hand eye coordination.
  • Learning art helps to expand one’s creativity.
  • Doing physical activities makes our reflexes better.
  • Flying kites makes one’s eyesight sharper.
  • Playing Golf increases the strength of both eye and mind.

Learning any little thing in life, helps in one way or the other – so one should never stop learning. Musicians do not retire. They stop when there is no more music in them. One should always be filled with music in them. Knowledge is the ultimate weapon as it is more powerful than the one rich and tough. The only that cannot be bought with power and money is knowledge.

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