used cars in lebanon pa

Clues to buy a used car

Ask questions, questions and more questions

What is the mileage of the car? (to be compared with the odometer and the maintenance booklet);

What was the intended use of the car?

Has it ever been crashed or repaired?

When was the last maintenance done?

Why is this car for sale?

The price is negotiable?


Perform the administrative procedures in the correct manner

Any vehicle purchase requires administrative procedures and documents: registration certificate, sales certificate, situation certificate (absence of administrative stops), maintenance booklet, technical inspection, etc. Make sure you don’t forget anything and do everything on timeĀ used honda in sacramento

Remember that this is not a new car

When we talk about an occasion, we are talking about an already used car. Mechanical problems can therefore appear quickly, generating repair costs. This certainly explains the cheaper price, but bear in mind! Above all because it is difficult to have all the guarantees on the real conditions of the used vehicle, unless you go to a professional.

used car:

Take the time to choose your used car

Do not rush. Such a demanding purchase (in terms of duration and in financial terms) must be based on sufficient research, analysis and reflection times. Have you found the used Fiat 500 or Volkswagen Golf of your dreams at an unbeatable price and it appears to be in perfect condition? Take a few days to compare it, analyze it and mature your decision.

There is a network of professionals who offer a guarantee of up to 48 months, 24/7 assistance and a “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. Buying a used car from agents and dealers belonging to the network means choosing a safe purchase and a relationship

that the vehicle runs without abnormal noises coming from the engine or the wheels;

that the clutch does not show any signs of wear;

that the gears engage correctly;

that the exhaust gas emissions are normal;

that there are no warning lights on on the dashboard

that there is no apparent oil or water leak.

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